14 . 10 . 2012
[What does Annise's voice sound like?]

((I answered this way back when right here, but it’s kind of vague. For my own sanity, I just kind of go with her face claim’s voice because Melissa Rauch is just such a cutie u vu Not so much her voice in BBT (though I only steal gifs/pics from BBT because glasses :B) because it’s a bit too high pitched for me.))

30 . 09 . 2012
(R) What were you like as a kid?

Well…I was kind of whiny and demanding when I was really young. Had a tendency to yell and pout a lot, mostly at my parents. But I think that was mostly because I wanted someone to pay attention to me. I didn’t have any friends really and I used to get picked on, so I felt a little lonely. Everything got a lot better after I met my friend, Iva, though. I stopped getting picked on, stopped yelling so much. I was probably more similar to how I am now then at any other point in my life. And then I became a teenager.

27 . 09 . 2012
[I didn't know Annise had biotics.]

((Yep, she does. But since she’s a non-combatant type and all she pretty much never uses them. They mostly get pulled out for stuff like moving furniture. |’D Also I can guarantee if she was in a fight she would not fare well. Biotics or no. > >))

26 . 09 . 2012


Prompt sent by Kirrahe.
There is a TW here, so just be aware of that.

The cries of birds gliding over the sea’s surface. The roar of the wind whipping through the air. The waves thundering against the cliff face below.

They should have be deafening in her ears, but none of it reached her. She was completely consumed by her thoughts, had been for months now. No music, no laughter, and no wind or waves. The world was silent to her.

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14 . 09 . 2012
drsolus ASKED
Did your parents ever play 'favorites'?

No, not really. Me and my sister received an equal amount of attention. And discipline. My parents really tried to be fair. My father was a very practical man and my mother had far too much love to spend on just one of us. At least, that’s how it seemed to me. I never felt spoiled or neglected.

2 years ago
drsolus ASKED
What was your favorite thing to do on Kahje?

That depends on how old I was, really. Ten years ago I’d probably say clubbing. I think I might have liked that a little bit too much. When I was a child it was probably the family vacations we took each year. I always looked forward to those. In more recent years…It, ah…Well, it was hard to enjoy much after Iva died.

2 years ago
drsolus ASKED
How was your relationship with your mother?

I was very close to my mother. I loved being around her when I was younger, she was always energetic and full of life. And she knew how to make any activity fun. To me, she was stunningly beautiful because even though her looks were a bit plain, her personality just made everything about her so elegant and lively. I wanted so much to be like her.

Of course, like every child, there were times when I got on her bad side. And she was fierce as a storm when she was angry. My mother was never afraid to tell you her opinion and she would make sure you heard it too. Our arguments could get quite loud at times. But…She was always there for me, no matter what. Even when I didn’t think I wanted, or needed, her.

2 years ago
Do you have any siblings?

I had a sister, Daena. She was six years older than me and sometimes the age gap made it difficult for us to connect. And her unpredictable moods. But, for the most part, we got along. I think she really wished we’d had a stronger bond, but it really was difficult for her.

She sort of…grew distant after she set out on her own, though. It was practically impossible to get in contact with her by the time I was out of school. She only really started making an effort to be around more after I was diagnosed, but even then…

11 . 09 . 2012
drsolus ASKED
[What drives Annise to not want to touch a gun? Moral / personal reasoning?]

((It’s definitely moral. She’d never even been anywhere near a gun until moving to the Citadel and the only person she knew that was killed by a gun was Iva (but her aversion towards guns came before that). Obviously she doesn’t like violence, she doesn’t even like conflict. She interprets guns as a symbol of that. Yes, they can protect people, they can save lives, and they can just be used for recreation where no one, or thing, even gets hurt. But when it comes down to it, their main purpose is to bring harm and she doesn’t want anything to do with that. She recognizes that they’re a necessity and doesn’t hold anything against those who use them for the sake of good. Just don’t expect her to use one. If it comes down to it, she’s always got biotics to defend herself with and that’s good enough for her.))

03 . 09 . 2012
[16, What are your hopes and dreams for the future?]

I-I don’t know…Um, get a job? Have a family and stuff, I guess… -shrugs, looking away uncomfortably-