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[ My name is Morinth and this is my favorite response on the Citadel. I mean Tumblr. And oh the precious. ]

((Morinth pls u//w//u))

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analyst-annie replied to your post: I had a slight allergic reaction to some medicine…

It’s nothing serious, right…? ((Kirraheplsyourcolorisfine))

Ah, no. Nothing serious. I merely look a bit odd.

Alright. Just….let me know if it gets worse?

2 years ago


… :|

I’m surprised they managed to find it in the first place.

…They must have great butt detecting skills.

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Well…If you won’t hurt me then don’t need to be afraid of you. Right?


Alright then. So, how exactly are you…a part of Boo?

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There was always this confusing mix of emotions when she entered a hospital. The first one was instant dislike. They were a constant reminder of something she just wanted to forget. But then she’d end up feeling regret for being so negative about it. Her condition wasn’t anyone at the hospital’s fault, they were only there to try and help. Once she’d reached this point and gotten over her misplaced anger it was time to ride the roller coaster of sorrow and joy. For every patient that received the good news that they would be leaving the hospital one day, there was a pristine white sheet for the body of someone not so fortunate. It made her head spin and her heart hurt. And it didn’t make her purpose for going to the hospital any easier. Because he was like her. Their news was never really good any more.

But this visit was over now. She’d done what she could to make his stay here just a little less miserable and now she could leave the madness of the hospital. Except something caused her to pause. A familiar room, one not quite so grim as where she’d just been. She’d been to see Mordin only a few days ago, but perhaps she should just pop in for a quick hello. Apparently he was able to sing a bit now, maybe they could harass the other patients with a bit of a duet. Singing always seemed to make Mordin happy. With her mind settled she moved to step inside, only to run right into someone attempting to exit, “O-Oh! I’m so sorry! Are you…” As she looked to see if whoever she’d run into was alright, she realized there was really no need to finish the question she was about to ask. She couldn’t harm a krogan even if she’d wanted to.

Merely blinking in response to being run into, the krogan looked down at the smaller alien. From what little could bee seen of her face you could see that her expression showed no sign of anger or annoyance, as one might expect to see in a krogan. 

“It’s alright.” Bakara said. “If it makes you feel any better, I hardly felt a thing. I was just on my way out.” she said, motioning her head in the direction of the exit. “Were you going to visit someone?”

She couldn’t help but stare in awe every time she was in the presence of krogan. The first time there had been a little bit of anxiety there. Too many bad reputations to ignore. But those had all-well, mostly all-been thrown out the window once they started talking. Now she had nothing but respect for krogan. But respect or anxiety, she never dared to stare for long.

"Oh, yes! A friend. The singing one. Or, at least, the one trying to sing. Last time I was here even speaking was a challenge for him. Heard a rumor that he was serenading the whole ward now, though." It never even occurred to her that they were both standing in front of this room because of the same person.

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Hoppefully the grey-faces will behave themselves. -toooouuuch- = w=

Hopefully. -reaches out to rub her chin with his thumb- Though I doubt it.

-smiles, slightly flustered by his touch- Always expect trouble.

Failing that, create trouble for someone else. -chuckles- Unfortunately I don’t if that’s possible in this particular case.

Oh, you never know. Maybe one day we’ll learn their secrets and find a way to turn the tables on them.

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It’s a pleasure to meet you, Gawmer. You can call me Annise. -smiles warmly and takes his hand- That seems to be the story for most. Drell aren’t a common sight off Kahje.

Sure thing ma’a-Annise! -gives their joined hands a firm, yet friendly, shake before letting go-

The only type of drell that I hear of to leave Kahje are those who do work for hanar. Do you work for the hanar?

Oh, no, no, no. I…had the chance to, but I passed it up. Had other plans for my life…But, ah, I work for C-Sec right now. Not as an officer though, a….Well, to put it simply, I work with the comms.