13 . 11 . 2012

I think all of that work is finally starting to catch up with me. I may have to take tomorrow off. We’ll see how things are tomorrow morning…

12 . 11 . 2012

major-kirrahe said: [ annise pls I want to shower with you u___u ]


11 . 11 . 2012
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It wasn't always easy. Some days she was afraid it would all end and she'd lose the best friend she had ever had at Hogwarts. But it didn't look like it would end-- not anytime soon. He kissed her cheek, the fuzz on his chin tickling her skin. Their knees met under the library table. With their noses in books you could hardly see the small smiles on their faces.
28 . 10 . 2012

Friendship is Magic||@tank-baby

They laughed like a pack of hyenas all huddled over a crippled antelope. All three of the fourth-years circled around her and spitting out an endless slew of taunts. She tried to defend herself, with stuttered and meek words, against their jabs at her inability to cast spells properly. No doubt they’d heard the stories of her backfired charms from her fellow second-years. But when they started to remind her how she didn’t belong in Slytherin, or Hogwarts, or even England, she just gave up. Because they were right, she didn’t belong there. Three years it had been since her uncle had taken her in and not once did she ever feel as if she fit in anywhere. She didn’t even bother to fight back when they started shoving her around between the three of them.

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06 . 10 . 2012
((Prompt: You are over at Kirrahe's place (or he's over at yours, whatever) and the power goes out))

The first thing they did when the lights went out was turn on their omni-tools. The dull orange glow emitting from the hologram on their arms did little to remedy the darkness that surrounded them. Though opening up the blinds did as, apparently, the rest of the Citadel seemed quite unaffected by the outage.

"That can’t be good…" It wasn’t often any part of the Citadel lost power, the Keepers were too meticulous about maintaining the massive station. There were only a few reasons why the power would cut out so suddenly and most of those reasons usually involved a lack of credits.

"Did you forget to pay the bill?" Even in this dim light he could still see the teasing smirk on Annise’s face. And she could see the flat stare he gave in response.

"Stay here. I’ll be right back." Pushing himself off the couch, Kirrahe carefully made his way to to door which, thanks to a backup generator, still opened when prompted to. He peered into the hallway, which looked more like Chora’s Den at the moment thanks to all the red emergency lights illuminating the exits. It would seem the entire floor, if not the entire building, was without power, "Looks like we’re not the only ones in the dark." At least that small part of his mind that was wondering "Did I forget?" was now quieted, and so he made the precarious trek back to the couch, narrowly missing the side table along the way.

"Well…What do we do now?" They, obviously, couldn’t finish the vid they were in the middle of watching. The only working devices were their omni-tools and trying to watch a vid on those was a bit awkward, especially when trying to watch with others. A thoughtful silence fell between them for a moment.

"I can think of something." She barely caught a glimpse of a smirk before the light of Kirrahe’s omni-tool died out and his arms wrapped around her. There was a bit of awkward shuffling before they were finally curled up next to each other, limbs all tangled together.

"Oh. So, the usual?" There was no response, the two of them simply smiled and pulled each other closer. When the power came back on not much longer, they didn’t bother to start the movie up again.